Women conducted most of the business of the household, no matter how high or how low her station – as long as she was a member of the middle class. She shopped for groceries, hired and directed the servants (most middle class households had at least one servant, if only part time), and in her spare time, walked out to church or to visit friends. For shopping or visiting, she might wear a bodice like the one featured in this sewing pattern.

The photos are of the blouse-front version.

No. 1880-26
A fashionable everyday bodice.
The bodice may be fitted or in the Blouse Bodice style.
The lower front may be full length,opened or closed.
Or it may be draped up,
or cut away in several styles.
The back may be pleated,gathered, or shirred.
Two lengths coat style sleeves.
Many historical references
and decoration ideas


1875 - 1890 Brandy City Bodice Pattern

This pattern has several variations in the front panel. The sleeves may be cut three quarter length for reception or dinner wear. The back panel may be pleated, gathered, or shirred.

It includes 28 pages of instructions with historical tips and quotes, and 4 pattern sheets. It is printed on bond paper, and enclosed in a reclosable plastic bag.

All sizes 2 - 30 are included.

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