1800 - 1820 Regency Corset Pattern

This pattern includes 10 pages of instructions with historical tips, and 1 pattern sheet. They are printed on bond paper, and enclosed in a reclosable plastic bag.

All sizes 2 – 30 are included.

No. 1700-8
 Includes Information Sheet
Keeps the front of the corset upright & stiff
Fits patterns #1500-4, #1700-1 & #1810-3


Historical Sewing Patterns

The Mantua-Maker

No. 1810-3
Needed for the true Regency silhouette.
Long corset for bust enhancement and abdomen reduction.
Creates the lifted bust effect.
Adjustable riding corset option.
Removable busk (not included).


The simple chemise-like garment of the early 19th century was worn over a chemise and petticoat -- and a corset, if she was over 17 years or a size A bust. The fashionable silhouette cannot be achieved if the bounce remains when the dancing stops. The long corset went out of fashion for a while, but came back with a vengeance.

The goal of this type of corset was not to reduce the waist, but to push up the bust. Reviewers complained that the fashionable lady’s bosom looked like a shelf aimed toward her chin. Others claimed her anatomy pointed east and west, instead of north.

A variation available is that of the riding corset, with eyelets in place of the second hip gusset. This option allows for greater adjustability in the hip area.

14" long Hardwood Busk