1740 - 1820 Court Hooped Petticoats Pattern

No. 1700-3

This is a wide set of panniers for formal wear.

Approx. 17" shelf on each side.
French or English styles.
Construction variations  included.


The Victorians renamed them panniers, from the French word “paniers” - a basket - but in England the women who wore them called them false hips or improvers. Fashion called them hooped petticoats.

The wide panniers were shaped differently in England than they were in France. In England they straight, side to side, top to bottom – the fashionable lady looked like she was sitting in a sofa. French hoops were kidney shaped, and gradually got wider and rounder toward the bottom, making the profile softer. Most of this shaping was caused by ribbons tied inside the petticoat.

This pattern contains pattern pieces for what I am calling “Court” hoops, which would be high fashion from 1740 - 1755, or court wear afterward. It has an approximately 17” wide shelf on each side. Choose from the straight, hard edged English style or the softer, rounder French style.

This pattern includes 4 pages of instructions with historical tips, and 2 pattern sheets. It is printed on bond paper, and enclosed in a white paper envelope.

All sizes Petite – X-Large are included.

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