1868 - 1888 Camargo Sash Bustle Drapery Pattern

Based on a pattern in the September issue of the 1869 Peterson’s Magazine. I have added several common variations which will give different effects. Version A, the original pattern, creates a soft drapery which is spread all along the outer edge. Version B creates a swallowtail effect. Version C hangs loose along the lower edge. All three versions may be made with or without the Camargo Sash.

This pattern includes 12 pages of instructions with historical tips, and 3 pattern sheets. It is printed on bond paper, and enclosed in a reclosable plastic bag.

All sizes Petite – Full (waist: 20" – 60"; hips 30" – 70") are included.

No. 1870-3
“A very pretty pattern for a Panier dress”
Ideal as an overskirt for: Walking, visiting, reception, dinner or evening wear.
From a 1869 Peterson’s Magazine.
Variations and Decoration ideas included.


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