The "round" skirt was sometimes used as a plain over-skirt, but usually it was used as a foundation skirt, covered with some kind of drapery: the polonaise, apron draperies, a pleated over-skirt, a princess robe, flounces, passementerie, or any combination thereof.

The foundation skirt was a product of this era, coming into existence in 1885 as an independent garment because "it seemed impossible to face the world in a single skirt" and disappearing toward the end of 1891. Before 1885, the foundation skirt was most often physically attached to the over-skirts.

No. 1880-11
Also called a Round Skirt.
Supportive skirt for period fashion draperies,or worn alone as a plain skirt.
For use over 1870's or 1880's bustles, or under 1879 - 1881 hobble-style skirts.
Optional yoke for aggressive bustle.
Decoration ideas included.


This pattern is for the basic foundation skirt, with special adaptations for the 1879 -1881 hobble style skirts and the 1883 - 1887 aggressive bustle. It has a side placket and a pocket on the opposite side.

This pattern includes 7 pages of instructions with historical tips, and 3 pattern sheets. It is printed on bond paper, and enclosed in a white paper envelope.

All sizes Petite – X-large are included.

1870 - 1891 Foundation Skirt Pattern

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