Historical Sewing Patterns

The Mantua-Maker

The chemise was one of the layers worn to protect the corset, which could not easily be washed if one expected it to last. The chemise, made of cotton or linen cambric, or of a washing silk like foulard, helped to protect the corset from body oils and perspiration. It also protected the woman’s body from chaffing from the corset.

But trimmed with lace or Swiss embroidery, the chemise was a woman’s way of thumbing her nose at the outward show of Victorian prudery, at its height in her outer dress during this period. Trimmings became even more extreme in the 1890s, but by 1876 a reviewer explained (or complained) that a “fashionable chemise looks like a baby’s christening robe.”

This pattern includes 6 pages of instructions with historical tips, and 2 pattern sheets. It is printed on bond paper, and enclosed in a white paper envelope.

All sizes Petite – X-large are included.

1870's - 1880's Chemise Pattern

No. 1880-1

Three different necklines.
Many decoration ideas. Needed to protect your skin from your corset, and your corset from your body oils.