Serpent's Child by DJ Salisbury
Art of the Mantua-Maker: 1870 - 1879 by Deb Salisbury
Necromancer's Anchor by DJ Salisbury

I write fantasy under my initials, D.J. Salisbury, to avoid confusion with my nonfiction.

Art of Fashion: 1850 - 1859 by Deb Salisbury

Nonfiction on costuming subjects

Elephant's Breath and London Smoke by Deb Salisbury
Illusion's Child by DJ Salisbury

Books by Deb Salisbury

Victorian Bathing and Bathing Suits by Deb Salisbury

Fantasy Novels by D.J. Salisbury

Sorcery's Child by DJ Salisbury

The Mantua-Maker

Alchemy's Child by DJ Salisbury
Dragon's Child by DJ Salisbury
Fabric a la Romantic Regency by Deb Salisbury

Historical Sewing Patterns