No. 1870-7
A gorgeous Victorian Swim Suit!

This one is for showing off at the pool or the beach.

Combined top and trousers with separate skirt.


This bathing suit is based on one in the August 1870 issue of Peterson's Magazine: "Fig. X. – Bathing-Costume of White Flannel. – Trousers fastened at the knee by a cross strip braided with a Grecian pattern in black wool. Peplum blouse, with short sleeves, with a braided Grecian pattern, buttoned on each side and on the shoulders."

A variation is available for a simpler, sleeveless bathing dress from 1887. The "Lady's Swimming Dress" consists of only the waist and drawers, without a skirt. Like the Grecian bathing dress, the shoulder seams are not sewn, but are buttoned together.

The bathing dress opens and is buttoned at the shoulders and both sides. The blouse can be made with or without sleeves. The drawers can be made in calf or ankle lengths, and can be gathered into cuffs. You can make it with or without the separate skirt.

1870 - 1890 Grecian-style Bathing Dress Pattern

This pattern includes 20 pages of instructions with historical tips, and 5 pattern sheets. It is printed on bond paper, and enclosed in a reclosable plastic bag.

All sizes Petite – Full (bust: 26" – 61") are included.

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