No. 1880-23
Dancing or walking length.
1879 - 1881 hobble style skirt.
1882 - 1884 early bustle version.
Three shirring overskirt styles with one to several flounces.
Balayeuse template included.  Decoration and variation ideas.
(Foundation skirt not included


1879 - 1884 Shirred Overskirt with Flounces Pattern

Historical Sewing Patterns

The Mantua-Maker

You will need an underskirt or foundation skirt to wear under this overskirt, which is *not* included in this pattern (to keep your cost down). Some pieces should be sewn to the underskirt.

This pattern includes 14 pages of instructions with historical tips, and 3 pattern sheets. They are printed on bond paper, and enclosed in a white paper envelope.

All sizes Petite – X-large are included.

Shirred garments were fashionable in the late 1870s through the early 1880s. Fashion plates and photographs show a wide variety of shirred styles. The skirt in this pattern is dancing or walking length. The 1879- 1881 style was essentially a hobble-skirt, and the 1882-1884 version is wider, allowing for the new fashionable bustle.

Shirring is much easier than it looks – if you can sew a few straight lines and gather them up, you can shirr a skirt.

The pattern includes pieces for the overskirt, for one or several layers of flounces, for a bustle pad and a balayeuse (the pleated ruffle at the bottom that protected the skirt from dust.)