This pattern includes 8 pages of instructions with historical tips, and 3 pattern sheets. It is printed on bond paper, and enclosed in a white paper envelope.

All sizes Petite – X-large are included.

1880's - 1890's Combinations Pattern

No. 1880-8
Replaces the drawers and chemise.

High neckline for daytime.
Low neckline suitable for evening wear.
Open crotch drawers.
Decoration ideas included.


Combinations were worn in place of drawers and a chemise. Introduced in 1877 as fashions were slimming down, they eliminate some of the bulk associated with the layers of chemise and waistband of the drawers. It would be worn under a corset and a short petticoat.

This pattern includes options for a high and a low square neckline. Generally, the high neckline was worn during the day and the low was for evening and dinner wear. It is not low enough for a scoop-neck ball gown. The drawers section are open crotch so you can use the ladies’ room without removing your corsets.

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