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  Established in 1993
Quality Historical Clothing Patterns
the Modern Costume Artist

The ManMantua-Makertua-Maker is a historical sewing pattern company, specializing in women's clothing.   All patterns are multi-sized, and are based on actual garments, pattern drawings, or engravings and photographs made during the time the garment was worn. 

Each pattern is carefully researched and tested, so that any garment made from a Mantua-Maker pattern will be historically accurate, but with allowance made for the changes in women's physical build between the time the garment was originally worn and modern times.

Sewing should be fun!  I try to simplify my pattern pieces to the most basic - but historically accurate - shapes.  No fussy details, unless they are unavoidable to create an authentic costume.  No bizarre concoctions unless a period woman really wore it.  Lots of options, variations, and decoration ideas.

I personally draft and describe my patterns: corset patterns, general underclothing and underpinning patterns, skirt patterns and bodice patterns.  I work hard on creating instructions that are interesting, as well as useful.  The instructions are geared toward someone who knows a little about sewing, but not necessarily a lot.  Corsets need a little advanced sewing knowledge, but even there, with persistence and patience even a beginner can make a corset.

Many of my patterns have been used in Masquerade competitions. A variation on 1879 - 1884 Shirred Over skirt with Flounces won Best of Master Class at CostumeCon XV.

For those of you doing costume research or competition, I include a bibliography of all the sources I used in the pattern at hand. Besides using period photographs and original garments, some of my sources are vintage magazines and patterns, crumbly but fascinating. Many of my sources are reprinted magazines and catalogs, others are wonderful books by people who have studied individual garments and collections. These sources are usually easily available once you know what to look for.

For anyone who is uncomfortable about ordering from a small site like this one, I'm also on Etsy.

Please feel free to write to me with any questions, suggestions, or corrections. I want my patterns and instructions to be clear and accurate, even perfect, if I can manage that. I value your input and opinions. I'll get back with you as soon as I can.

Happy sewing,
   Deb Salisbury
       The Mantua-Maker

Snail mail:
Deb Salisbury, The Mantua-Maker
100 PR 232
Abbott, TX  76621

P.S. -- I do not share your name or number with anyone.  I sincerely respect your privacy.

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